Folium - Medical and Cosmetic Products For Your Health

About Us

Folium Company is a young company operating in the field of sales and marketing of non-pharmaceutical products (otc), medical and cosmetic products. With the expertise of our sales and marketing teams, we aim to provide a high standard of service.
Our team consists of professionals from the health and trade sectors who can develop successful sales and marketing strategies.
Our aim is to provide our business partners with a widespread distribution of their products and services to pharmacists, to increase their sales, and to create new product categories in pharmacies.

Our Mission

The mission of our Company is to ensure that our people receive the highest quality health care services, to increase the quality of life and to extend the life span, and to ensure that presentation of product promotions in an effectively manner based on scientific grounds that are submitted to the service of physicians, pharmacists and our people by sales-marketing department of our company. Our department, focusing on creative solutions without moving away from medical ethics and scientific reality in the marketing activities, is constantly renewing itself and growing and also paying attention to own resources in respect of the growth. 

Our vision

  • To strengthen our position in the sector by analyzing the sector well.
  • To provide quality service, to protect reliable product and reliable corporation identity 
  • To follow the sectoral developments in domestic and abroad closely and to produce innovative projects.
  • To create new product categories in pharmacies.
  • To enlarge the sectoral market with the activities to be carried out.